Pullinger School of Motoring - Testimonials


Tom - December 2016
Thank you to Kirsty for learning me how to drive I'm so happy I pass my test early Christmas present for me


Rachel - July 2016
Can't believe I have passed my driving test and its all thanks to Kirsty! She is a brilliant driving instructor and really helps you grasp driving. She is very patient and brilliant for nervous drivers, really makes you feel calm. I think Kirsty can help anyone pass, you just have to have a willingness to learn


Terri - February 2016
Driving is an essential in life and wanted freedoms to get to places. Kirsty is so supportive and talks you through everything you do making you feel relaxed and comfortable within the car. She is patient and ultra organised catering for all learning styles which was fab as I am a visual learner. Thank you for all the help.


Andrea - December 2015
Kirsty is a great instructor, really kind and helpful approach to teaching especially with me being extremely nervous she has helped me out loads, really thankful to her for helping me pass my test, really pleased, thank you Kirsty


Alona - November 2015
Thank you very much for all this time being teaching me to drive, thanks for your patience and good explanations of everything. I'm really pleased to meet you and definitely recommend you as brilliant teacher. Many thanks from Alona xxx


Harry - October 2015
Passed with 3 minor faults


Jayne - August 2015
Kirsty is very patient and always put me at ease. Thanks for being a fantastic instructor. Highly recommended.


Amelia - July 2015
Picked by parents as a birthday present due to good reputation. Very reliable, always clear and concise with instructions and creates a friendly, relaxed atmosphere to learn in.


Lucy - June 2015
I am over the moon with the out come of my test. You have helped me overcome my worries and fears about driving and made me feel comfortable and at ease. I am so pleased to have passed with you. Couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much for everything.


Scott - May 2015
I would highly recommended Kirsty she is a fantastic instructor and she really help me with what I needed help with and she is fun to be in the car with


Lee - December 2014
Brill teacher, very friendly and enjoyed every lesson and passed sooner than I expected. A+


Charlotte - November 2014
Passed with 1 minor faults


Shanika - October 2014
I would definitely recommend Kirsty to anyone.after 10 years of being nervous I passed my test.. She's a brilliant instructor with so much patience.you surely rely on her. Thanks Kirsty .


Shanna - July 2014
I would recommend Kirsty to other Learners as she's professional, supportive and friendly. THANK YOUUUUU! :-)


Luke - July 2014
Passed with 3 minor faults


Raquel - March 2014

Hi Kirsty! I would like to thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for helping me pass my driving test!!! I wouldn't made it if it wasn't for you!

Hannah - January 2014

Thank you Kirsty for being so patient with me!! Will be recommending to all my friends! Thanks xx

Gemma - June 2013
Passed with 5 minor faults


Eddie - March 2013
Passed with 3 minor faults


Lisa - October 2012


Lauren - October 2012


Kerrie - October 2012
Passed with 2 minor faults


Brett - October 2012
Passed with 2 minor faults

Kirsty was a joy to learn with, teaching me how to drive not just pass my test. She got me from learner to pass within 2 weeks. Thanks!

  Chloe - September 2012
Passed with 4 minor faults
Learning with Kirsty has been one of the best decisions I have made.  Explaining anything I didn't understand and having the patience of a saint, and always reliable.  I would definitely recommend her and will be to all my friends.
Madeleine Madeleine - July 2012 
Passed with 4 minor faults
Suzanna - May 2012
Passed with 2 minor faults

Kirsty is a friendly instructor who builds confidence in drivers. She helps learners get extra skills which will be useful after passing your test.  She is absolutely brilliant, couldn't of got a better driving instructor!

Jodie - February 2012 
Passed with 3 minor faults
Thank you for a great experience! Loved every minute of it, and our banter. will miss it see you soon! x