Lauren - Mar 2019

Kirsty helped me think rationally when I was nervous or unsure about something and was always on hand to ask any questions to. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed when I was preparing for my test and encouraged me in times of doubt. She has great flexibility to fit around your schedule. Thanks Kirsty!

Megan - Feb 2019


Kirsty is extremely good at keeping you calm and talking you through all situations. I found it very easy to learn with her as she allows the time needed to process everything.

Jamie - Jan 2019


Kirsty is a great instructor she knows everything you need to know and great at explaining things to you also if your not very confident she will help you out so much and is very easy to get along with and talk to.

Steph - Nov 2018


Well I passed first time and I, and people I have driven with, believe I am a safe driver and that is all down to Kirsty and her teaching. I would highly recommend, she makes you feel comfortable and safe while driving and learning. She is a fab instructor.

Matthew - Oct 2018


I recommend Kirsty because she was very calm, went at my pace and was very very patient. She made me a lot more confident and helped me overcome nerves. I felt safe in the car with her and it was never awkward or uncomfortable. She is also a good laugh.

Kirsty - Aug 2018


Helped me correct anything I was struggling with. Supported me throughout the whole way. Explained everything clearly so I could understand.

Shannon - Aug 2018


Passed in August 2018

Vanessa - Jul 2018


Kirsty has taught me how to drive, properly. She has made me feel confident on the road when at first I thought that was impossible. I have always struggled with my nerves however with Kirsty’s guidance I have learnt that keeping people safe is nothing to be nervous about, and that I CAN drive. Couldn’t recommend her enough. So thankful for everything, and I passed first time.

Phil - Jul 2018


I would recommend Kirsty because she’s friendly, considerate and patient; especially in my circumstances with two fails due to nerves. Kirsty pushes you till you can do something and do it well and so that you’re calm, comfortable and ready to put it in use practically. As well as being a laugh too, always important to have a little bit of fun after all.

Jack - Jun 2018


Passed in June 2018

Josh - Mar 2018


Lovely instructor heart of gold, so friendly, knows how to get you passed! Highly recommended!

Oli - Feb 2018


Passed in February 2018

Ethan - Jan 2018


Passed in January 2018

Rob - Jan 2018


She’s great with nervous drivers and as well as teaching you how to drive, she teaches you how to deal with and get over your nervousness by getting to the rot of the issue.

Laura - Nov 2017


I think that you should learn with Kirsty! As she understands your way of learning and how to put that into your driving. I’m blonde (in both ways) and have dyslexia therefore if I can pass anyone can.

Kim - Nov 2017


A friend recommended Kirsty as she is an easy going friendly instructor. I was a very nervous driver & let my nerves get the better of me on my 1st test. Finally got over my nerves and past my test 😄

Callum - Oct 2017


It took me 4 tests, but she pulled me out in the mornings and at weekends, and got me through with as many faults as I’ve had tests.

Dalia - Oct 2017


Kirsty is very patient with you, giving you no reason to be anxious. Highly recommend especially if you’ve never drove before.